Super Studio 2006~07

Posted in Design Research by jmaura on November 20, 2007


Super Studio 2006-2007 sought to learn how one generation prepares the next during a time of increased awareness of climate change and predictions of radical shifts in natures over the next 50 years. They captured responses from two generations in the Los Angeles area to learn about how they were preparing each other for this uncertain future. Probing biospheric voices revealed the status of Angelenos’ relationship with nature. In the analysis they asked if a relationship with nature could be designed and, if yes, then could it be designed for families in LA.
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Wind Delight

Posted in Design Research by jmaura on March 21, 2007


One of the innovation for design research project ‘Passing on the Future’ was ‘Wind Delight’. I made the future scenario and a prototype. This allows people to see the wind patterns on their walls by the elements of nature such as dandelions, seeds, and leaves. This pattern moves by the actual speed and direction of wind outside. Also, the pattern invites people to blow and interact with the wind. This one was the part of Super Studio project in Media Design Research class. In this class, I explored people’s relationships with nature and how to permeate the boundaries of interior and exterior to invite nature as part of daily life. Also, I built a prototype with using a microphone by action-script. In my website, the prototype works for the user. If people have a microphone, they can blow these dandelion through microphone. It will float on my website screen.

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