Interactive Origami

Posted in Experience Design by jmaura on August 21, 2009

Architectonic Cinema: Interaction
I used my Fellowship term to introduce interactive elements into my 2008 Thesis, The Next Illusion: Architectonic Cinema, a set of site-specific installations of moving images in 3-D spaces. Architectonic Cinema_Interactions combines physical interaction with poetic filmic content, creating a new platform for serendipity and story.

User Almighty

Posted in Experience Design by jmaura on December 23, 2007

User Almighty used a Globe as an open interface for rich media content delivery. As the user turns a blank globe, a projector overhead displays both geographical and historical information. The user navigates the content with each turn of the globe, which also represents as a timeline that increments by a decade with each turn. This intention in this project was to test the usability of a blank object with its embedded metaphor as a navigational interface. The globe’s affordances coincided greatly with the content and its delivery and users seemed at ease as they engaged with it. Our team used content the world spins around them and time increments by decade. In each decade the user is encountered with an animated visualization of a specific event in history.


Posted in Experience Design by jmaura on November 21, 2007

Can an interaction trigger meditational activities? Using water as a surface for projection, this project introduces ‘TAO’ which is one of the best traditional Asia philosophy. Water is an appropriate material to create a special effect in poetic and mythical way. Inspired by a wishing pond, when a user disturbed the water, a proximity sensors detected the activities, and a text was rising up to the surface. Randomly, the text, which is a wise saying about Taoism were generated by the user’s activity.