Open Grid

Posted in Screen-based Interactive by jmaura on October 21, 2007


‘Einstein’s Dreams’ is the book about defining ‘time’ with different perspectives. I chose a chapter, ‘Time is not a quantity, but a quality.’ This made me think people could living on the grid that human made. Maybe, a quantity of time is needed for order. From this point of view, I redesigned the chapter for interactive media. The user were able to open the grid. That means they can open the time we are living. When they opened, there were hidden words, which is only exist in a quality of time. When they click on the words, they can enter the world that exists under the grid. In the world in quality of time, the user can read the-behind-the-story. The challenge for this project was transforming a narrative media to non-liner space for screen-based media.

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Typeface Study

Posted in Screen-based Interactive by jmaura on June 21, 2007


I built an interactive database system in order to organize and visualize large amounts of data through my passion for typography as the contents. It is important to know about the history of typeface such as the time period and the places which were designed to use them skillfully. The comparison of two typefaces allows a designer to make a good choice for using typefaces aesthetically.

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